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Intelligent Manufacturing Execution System for managing plant wide resources. Integrate seemleesly with plant equiment.

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Keeping all your chemicals in check including easy SDS management, consumption monitoring and disposal of chemicals.

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Visitor Management System

Unique multi-tenancy visitor management system which makes complex visiting rules simple and easy to use.

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About Intensecomp

Our mission is to bring advance technology and reliability to our customers. We believe in information technology that deliver and also we seek only the right technology to suit the application. Our research and development efforts guaranteed our products are always in the state of the art and our stringent quality control practices have placed our products with high reliability rate.

Thus, our customers always trust and assure that we will deliver what we have promised.

Our Services

We service a wide range of customers in Manufacturing Execution System, Chemical Tracking, Visitor Management, RFID design consultancy and wireless implementation. Based our advanced technical skills, our customers always assured of the high quality of our products.

Our Technology

Our technology relies upon a complete range of small but powerful software components. Combining these components together create a complex yet manageable software system. We delve into highly advanced technology available in software engineering as to bring the right technology to the right solution. With the availability of such technology skills at our expense, we aim to prove the concept of "One Enterprise, One Solution".

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