Cloud based chemical tracking system.

Full Control of Chemical
Regulation & Safety Management
In One Package


Manages life-cycle of chemical inventory from procurement to disposal.

SDS & License

Auto-update SDS from manufacturer and lastest regulatory compliance workflow.

Workflow &

Manages in/out of chemical from chemical stores using RFID technology.

Chemtrack Features List

  • High-performance system tracks virtually all types of chemical.
  • Web-based and platform independent system.
  • Easily configurable, highly flexible and secure.
  • Support relational databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL and etc.
  • Real-time chemical quantity summary report in one click.
  • Quick summary on chemical volume and quantity available, used and ordered.
  • Support unlimited chemical types.
  • Chemical management using the web browser.
  • Scalable system support distributed or centralized management system.
  • Requisition and invoice modules support custom purchase order and etc.
  • Quick access to SDS information.
  • Quick access to hazard information during emergency.
  • Chemical usage reports and statistics based on any given criteria.
  • Classified every chemical based on various industry standards.
  • Can be extended to track radioisotopes information.
  • Find and search function for fast document retrieval.
  • Stores CAS#, physical formula and digital snapshot of individual chemical.
  • Monitor who uses what chemical at any one time.
  • Full audit trail for every chemical usage.
  • Support login/logout of individual user add extra layer of security.
  • Tracking could be made based on containers or packages.
  • Support barcode and RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

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