Cloud based rtls and asset tracking system.

Asset Mapping Based on Location GPS
Real-Time Position Update
In One Package


Manages asset life-cycle procurement to disposal.

Financial Asset

Superior stock check and financial asset verification.

Workflow &

Manages position and geo-fencing using RTLS technology.

Inventrack Features List

  • Location of asset is based on GPS position.
  • Support all types of RFID, RTLS tags, BLE Beacons and QR Code.
  • Easily configurable, highly flexible and secure.
  • Support relational databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL and etc.
  • Real-time asset and inventory quantity summary report in one click.
  • Quick summary of asset information
  • Asset inspection and prepare audit report for stock take by location or category.
  • Scalable system support distributed or centralized management system.
  • Requisition and invoice modules support custom purchase order and etc.
  • Quick access to alarm panel and alert notification system.

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